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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting Ready

We had fun decorating for the party.  Pacman border to line the dance area, along with colored lights, records, and ceiling decorations


The cassettes on top of the book case were awesome.  Jake glued 4 of them together in a box shape and then we put blue Led lights inside for a cool light effect.  We also melted some vinyls down in the oven to make bowls for chips and floated some purple Led lights in the punch bowl. 

Thanks to Greg and Amanda for saving my tush and decorating for me.  They rocked it for sure!

Getting my makeup just right took some time.  I thank youtube and all the girls who having nothing better to do then demonstrate how to do proper 80's makeup. 

Jake took on the Christian Slater look from Gleaming the Cube while Jude sported an MC Hammer look. 

All I'm going to say is......I love Greg!


Glamour Shots




I seriously have a photo shot almost exactly like this back from the pageant days. 

Heather pulling off some vogue pics.

Greg and his fiance Amanda.....Whom we love!!!

We're so grateful for the maturity and level headedness that they bring to the Garner family. 

Jake and I decided Keith won best costume for the night.  The freaking fanny pack was killing me all night.   

Jude's wondering what kind of family he has been born into.  Don't worry son, we'll brain wash you soon enough.   

We were all struggling to find poses all night and Devan and Lynette walked in the door and popped this one out of now where.  Show offs! 

Jake's cousin Audra and her husband Jake looking way to GQ. 

Their rockin kiddos who know how to get down on the dance floor. 

Mark and Wendy posing it like it's hot. 

Getting Down & Dirty

Jake getting relaxed and comfortable at the party. 

Starting to loosen up. 
He brings me in to dance with his sweet moves. 

A little awkward slow dancing while we get to know each other better. 

Getting to know each other didn't take long.  

Devan and Lynette stole the show with their dancing antics.

Audra won the freeze dance competition. 

The Boys Are Back In Town!

Please note the change from the picture before.  Like I said, Greg brings a level a maturity to the Garner family that is greatly needed.  ;-)

This is probably my favorite picture of Devan ever.  It's just so......Devan. 

Wendy's daughter Bella and Audra's daughter Mckenzie rocked out in their pink tutu's. 

I love that Greg is wearing my Ragnar running pants and wig for that matter.  I have to say the pants looked way better on him then they did me.   

I hope my grandchildren cherish this picture someday.  It reflects all of the life battles I've fought and won and my drive to keep on kicking butt and taking names. 

Jude Goes Glam

A few days after the party, Jude and I had a little photo session and I got these awesome pics which I plan to use for blackmail someday when he brings a girlfriend over. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

11th Anniversary

I decided to suprise Jake with an anniversary gift this year. All I told him was to dress like he was going skiing and that we were headed to Park City. He thought he we were going snowmobiling but when he got there he said in a suprised questioning voice.....

"We're going dog sledding??" Yes baby, yes we are.

Jake and I cozied up on the sled while our musher Fernando got the team ready. It's true. We had a Mexican musher who loves snow and his dogs nearly as much as he loves running. He's a professional runner and comes from a long line of runners. His grandfather was a Tarahumara. I had just finished the book "Born to Run," which is all about the Tarahumara tribe and their history of long distance running, so it was awesome to meet someone who came from that line.

We couldn't believe how beautiful it was that day. Sun was in the perfect spot, the air was a little crisp, and the snow was perfect.

The ride was exciting down hill, relaxing on flat ground, slow going up hill, and often funny because he was training a new lead dog that just wanted to go off and play. We did tip over once as the dog landed us in a sunken in hole. That was awesome.

Our musher was awesome. I hope we can go back someday and do a full day adventure with him.

I kept trying to get a picture of the dogs beautiful faces but seriously all I could get was butts. Butts and more butts. If you notice, one of the butts is a lab butt. Fernando got into mushing when he was a kid after he saw a cartoon on mushing. He found a plastic table, glued some ski's to it, and started mushing his lab. His wife got him this lab to represent how he got into it. He said all the other dogs get annoyed with the lab and he's constantly getting tangled up but it's a good way to get the labs energy out.

Here's a clip of us getting settled in. As each dog gets hooked up they get more and more excited.

Here's a little clip of us running. You can hear our musher talking about his grandpa who was a Tarahumara Indian and how he used to herd the goats by running and wake up with snakes sleeping next to him for warmth. Can you imagine?